Up to 8,000-pounds more legal payload
with Clement's RollStar "Bridger" Roll-Off

The RollStar "Bridger": In a class by itself
   Clement's RollStar "Bridger" Roll-Off is in a class by itself. It's the only frameless roll-off on the market today. Thousands of pounds lighter than competitors' trailers, the Clement Bridger Roll-Off can haul up to 8,000-pounds more payload than competitors' trailers.
   Thoroughly market-tested since their inception in 1965, Clement roll-offs are
proven top-sellers. Clement's roll-offs have also earned the reputation of being rugged and thoroughly dependable.

Here's how Clement's Frameless "Bridger" Roll-Off works:


Configured for the highway
   When the RollStar Bridger is configured for the highway, both the internal and external bridges are lengthened, making larger payloads possible for the hauler. This can result in fewer trips and a decrease in operating expenses.

Upon reaching the destination
   When the destination is reached, the trailer is reconfigured making it possible to load, unload, or emply the trailer in a conventional manner, a process that takes just seconds.

Saving the day in a slippery situation

   When a Bridger Roll-Off driver finds himself in a muddy or slippery- situation area, he can use extra bonus power from the Roll-Off. Clement's double-acting cylinders allow the driver to alternately shorten and lengthen the wheelbase to get out of low-traction areas.
   With the truck's brakes locked, as the trailer goes higher in the air, the trailer is pulled forward, then the trailer brakes are locked, and the truck brakes unlocked. As the trailer is lowered the truck is pushed forward. By repeating this process, the driver can push the truck and pull the trailer to firmer footing.

Three-point stability is a huge "plus"
   The Clement RollStar frameless Bridger Roll-Off gives you three points of stability: the cylinders, the draft arms, and the wide base of the tandem on the ground.
   Compare this with the two points (cylinder and hinge pin) found on conventional frame-type roll-offs. When you are operating on unstable ground, such as in a landfill, Clement's three-point stability and its lower center of gravity, make a big difference. The pivot point of the Bridger Roll-Off starts 2-feet lower than that of frame types, and remains lower as the trailer is raised in the air.

80,000-pound lifting, loading and unloading
   Clement equips the Bridger Roll-Off with an 80,000-pound capacity winch for handling the container.  Most other manufacturers utilize a cylinder reeving system.  Why? It’s obvious. 
   Most other systems can load and unload a container, but the name of the game is always “payload.”  Clement’s system is hundreds of pounds lighter than our competitors', making the trailer able to accept greater payloads. 

Rails, rollers, and stop blocks
   Rails: Rails on the Clement RollStar Bridger Roll-Off are 4-inch tubular steel with high-tensile steel top and bottom straps that are computer designed for long life.
   Rollers: Clement utilizes rollers to ensure proper support of various size boxes from 20- to 34-feet.  Brass bushed with grease fittings, Clement rollers deliver superior performance.
   Stop Blocks: Multiple positions are available for positioning stop blocks that ensure the proper placement for various sizes of containers. 

Select one of two control options

   You may operate the Clement Bridger Roll-Off with In-the-cab or, On-the-trailer controls.  In-the-cab controls utilize a wet kit.  If you plan to utilize several different tractors with your Bridger Roll-Off, On-the-trailer controls may be your best choice.