RollStar 2-Box

Easier, Simpler and Safer.

Operators of roll-offs are turning to the completely redesigned
Clement RollStar 2-Box as the answer to the distance between
plant sites and the hundreds-of-miles-away destinations.

The RollStar 2-Box is a frame type of 30-inch fabricated I-beam

See video of the RollStar 2-Box

Above-left: A rear-mounted tilt frame with twin 6 x 79-inch hydraulic-lift cylinders loads standard boxes up to
24-feet in length.
Once loaded via the winch and tilt frame, boxes are moved forward and rearward by a hydraulic
motor and chain conveyor system.

Redesigned operator controls makes for better workload and productivity

Ease of Operations for the Driver

All trailer controls are locted together in a console on
the left side of the trailer so the driver operates the
trailer with a minimum of "moving around the trailer."

Handy Step

A step has been added to the operator's console for
ease of access during the transfer process.

No tools are required for any step of the loading/unloading process of the Clement RollStar 2-Box

Loading and Unloading both boxes is faster and more efficient, with less physcial demands on the driver.

The Hook Up

Box one is hooked up after the winch cable has been
moved to the trailer's tail by the electric winch. No pulling
and tugging is required of the driver.

Centralized Controls

From the control panel the driver loads the box with
the rear- mounted tilt frame.

Capacity: Minimum container size at center – 20-feet, with 50,000# load; smaller sizes must be moved to the front. 

Frame: 30-inch fabricated I-Beam
Suspension: See Chart
Axles: 102-inch, 5/8 Wall, 5-inch Round
Common Inner/Outer Bearings
Wheels: 8.25 x 24.5, Hub-Piloted
Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 Radial
Brakes: Air 16-1/2 x 7-inch Cast Drum
ABS: 2S 1M
Axle Spacing: See Chart
Lights: 12 Volt Sealed Beam
Wiring: Sealed Harness Modular Plug-In
Back-Up Alarm: Yes
Rear Impact Guard: Yes
Container Hold Downs: Front and Rear
Paint Finish: Urethane Enamel over primed surface Two-Speed
Stiff Legs

Hydraulic Controls: 3-bank manual control valve
mounted approximately center of trailer on the
driver’s side.*

Lift Assembly
Lift Frame: 9-inch Tube
Rails Outside: 34.25-inches Rails Inside: 26.25-inches
Rollers: (each side) (6) 5-inch OD on Tilt, (6) 4-inch OD
on Main - all with
Brass Bushings and grease Zerks
Roller Top to Ground: 55-inches
Cable: ¾-inch
Lift Cylinder Hoist: Twin – 6 x 79-inch Outboard cylinder
Winch Line Pull: 29,762# (ability to load approx.
42,000# container)
Reeving Cylinders: 2 – 6 x 79-inch
Reeving Cylinders Line Pull: 28,274# (ability to load
approx. 42,000# container)
Front Box Transfer System: Hydraulic motor and conveyor
chain moves box both forward and rearward from its
position on tilt-frame to/from main frame.

*Note: Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity Required:
Winch Model – 50 gallons, Reeving Model – 75 gallons

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