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RollStar XL: strong, powerful
and extremely maneuverable

Loading the RollStar XS  
RollStar XS about to load a box    

RollStar's frameless design is strong and durable without the payload-robbing weight of roll-offs.

    • RollStar XS is 28-feet long in the down position.
• Trailer weight is 12,800 pounds +/- 3%.
• Legal payloads of 45,000 pounds subject to     local, state and federal regulations.
RollStar's reeving cylinders        

88,000-pound hoist lifing capacity

   The RollStar XS has dual reeving cylinders with a lift capacity of 54,000-pounds at 45 degrees.
   RollStar XS's reeving cylinders have a cylce time of 1.5 minutes.
RollStar XS with  box loaded and raised  

22.5 feet in length, fully raised (from the king Pin to the rear of the trailer) results in a very tight turn radius.

  • 57-inch deck height (with a 47-inch high fifth      wheel)
• Legally haul 105-inch compactor containers at a   total vehicle height under 13-feet, 6-inches,
• Single Point spring ride 50K trandem fixed
  subject to local, state and fedeeral regulations 
The RollStar XS  operates  effectively in very tight spaces.  

RollStar XS is extremely efficient in very tight spaces.

• RollStar XS is 22.5-feet in length, fully raised (from the King Pin to the rear of the trailer) which results in a very tight turn radius and high efficiency in tight areas.

The RollStar XS can perform the "Centipede Maneuver" to walk your truck and trailer out of treacherous footing.


50,000-pound, single point, 3-leaf
Axles: (2) 102-inch, 25,000-pound, 5-inch round, common inner/outer bearings
Wheels: 8.25-inch x 24.5-inch, hub-piloted disc
Hubs: 10-hole pilot hub
Tires: 11R 24.5
Brakes: Air 16-1/2-inch x 7-inch cast drum
Paint: One-color urethane enamel over urethane primed surface
Light: Sealed beam rubber grommet
Wiring: Sealed harness, 7 wire
Mud Flaps: Rear only
King Pin Plate: 3/4-inch (Rocking)
Back-Up Alarm: Yes
Rear Impact Guard: Yes (Extended tail only)


Main Frame: 13-inch, fabricated
Draft Arms: Fabricated
Rollers: (5) 5-inch OD, brass bushing with zerks
Rails Outside: 35-inch     Inside: 27-inch
Hoist Cylinder: 73-102 double-acting
Container Tie Downs: Rachet binders – One set
Front Nose Sheave: 12-inch diameter, bushed
Cable: 3/4-inch x 86-feet with ring
Loading System: Reeving cylinders (provides pull to load approximately 54,000-pound container) (2) 7-inch x 92.5-inch stroke
Hydraulic Oil Tank Required: 75-gallons


Hydraulic Controls: Double-acting control valve on King-Pin plate – for operating from ground (this requires standard single-line wet kit plus one return hose to tank)

RollStar XS's strength, maneuverability, and versatility
will result in greater profits from your time and investment.


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