Clement's PaveStar


Clement's efficient new PaveStar - designed
and configured for more payload each trip.



Specially designed and engineered for asphalt and light
aggregate - the PaveStar is a 28-ft quarterframe end-
dump, complete with an Air-Lift aluminum tailgate.

A specially designed asphalt apron and directional wings,
that delivers its load to the perfect spot in the laydown
machine without touching the equipment.

View the Clement PaveStar in Action!



Total trailer weight, approx. 13,500 pounds

Two extra tons of payload with PaveStar.

PaveStar was specially designed for asphalt
and light aggregate hauls.


Half-round AR450 steel body

Clement's tried and proven half-round is tough enough
to perform day after day with no problems. PaveStar's
half-round configuration reduces asphalt segregation.


Air-Lift aluminum tailgate

Tightly fitted Air-Lift aluminum gate out of the
way when dumping, clear of potential contact
with a laydown machine.

PaveStar's high spill design also helps eliminate
contact with shuttles and the laydown machine.


Asphalt apron

Specially designed asphalt apron and directional wings
that deliver the load to the perfect spot without touching equipment, and without end spillage.


Third lift-axle

The third lift-axle maximizes your safe and
profitable operation while keeping you on
the right of the bridge laws.


Standard components that are weight savers

  • Lighter weight aluminum hubs and drums
  • Lighter weight rear posts and top rails
  • Lighter weight aluminum tailgate
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