Clement's Four-axle Steel PupStar Trailer

Clement starts every trailer with 25,000-pound
axles with parallel spindles that provide the
proper surface for common inner and out bearings.

Hub-piloted wheels
Bearing and axle life are both greatly increased.
Hub-piloted wheels are the final ingredient. Hub-piloted wheels have no inner nuts and all nuts have right-hand threads, plus there are only ten nuts instead of the
usual twenty. This fact reduces both maintenance
time and costs.

This foundation is standard on every Clement trailer.

PupStar's fourth axle
PupStar's steerable fourth axle comes with a 13,000-pound rated air-ride/air-lift suspension providing added strength and braking capacity for heavy loads. This steerable axle comes with in-cab controls and an adjustable pressure setting for regulating axle load.

Clement's patented three-cord drawbar
Clement's patented three-cord tubular drawbar design pivots over bumps and holes.
Wheel contact at all times is ensured by the drawbar's "spring flex" action. With "spring flex", the PupStar can move over rough terrain without breaking or bending the frame. Turnovers are virtually eliminated and the ride is much smoother.

No washboarding
The 7 gauge floor is welded over 4 x 8-inch longitudinals with no cross members. This eliminates floor washboarding and premature floor wear. Our 7 gauge floor is 33% thicker than 10 gauge.

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