Clement's basic, no-nonsense body that takes on most jobs
Built Clement Tough!
Fast and Easy Installation

The Clement RoughNeck dump body is a no frills body and
hoist package designed for the user that needs a basic, no
nonsense, hard working body without a lot of bells or whistles.

Built tough and rugged with ¼ inch floor and 3/16 inch sides,
this body will take on most any job. Large 12 inch radius
corners discharge sticky materials like no other dump body.

Full length longitudinals in place of cross members support
the floor and eliminate floor washboarding, doing away with
the major causes of premature floor wear and sticking
materials. As a result, floors last longer and materials
discharge faster.

Clement’s engineering and manufacturing know-how is able
to fabricate the body using only 13 major body parts rather
than hundreds. Reducing the number of parts used in the
body, reduces the amount of welding and troublesome joints
and thus eliminates joint and
weld failures common on other
makes of bodies. All RoughNeck dump bodies have 41 inch
sides as standard with 47 inch headboard and tailgate and 6
inch board pockets. 53 inch ends with 12 inch board pockets
are optional.


Available in lengths up to 22 feet, each body comes packaged
with the hydraulic hoist pre-installed at the factory. Mounting of
the body in your shop becomes a snap. Included in the package
is body in prime paint, hydraulic hoist installed to the body
including the lower trunnion for setting on truck, rear hinges,
air-operated tailgate, lights, half cab shield and board pockets.

Pump, tank and cab controls are optional and can be purchased