Clement's superior engineering assures you of a great aluminum body

Stronger yet lighter for extra payload    

Clement’s exclusive uni-beam aluminum bodies provide the greatest

strength to weight ratio. With Clement's design, the massive top rails,
bottom rails and side braces constitute the longitudinal support beam of the
structure. The body sheet adds additional strength to the supporting


The body is then bolted to the sub-frame at the rear cross member and at the front to an 8” beam (figure 3) giving the total structure tremendous “strength to weight ratio”
eliminating the need for longituditinals and reducing tare weight.

Finally, cross members made of exclusive 4” x 5” “U” shaped channel extrusions on 16” centers lend support to a 1/4” floor, all providing a sturdy body structure.

This exclusive Clement design offers you the maximum payloads with greatest strength for minimum downtime. For profit on the big hauls and steady day-in and day-out operation, Clement’s aluminum trailers are your best buy.

What is Uni-Beam?

In it's simplest form, "uni-beam means
locking the side sheets into a beam
formed by the super strong, rear double
cross member (figure 1); the side sheets (figure 2);
and the headboard at the nose.

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